Reader Bill of Rights

Most of the websites that you are reading that cover St. Louis sports you really do not have any control over. Frankly, you do not have any control over this website either, especially since the premise of the venture is centered around our goal to challenge popular opinion, as opposed to the pom pom waving coverage you get from all other ( and included) websites, from the eyes of objective glasses in a presentation that hopes to entertain while making your brain work overtime.

We will be fierce. We will make you shake your head. We will make you enraged with anger as your fandom is challenged or demonized.  But we also want to give you a Bill of Rights.  Why?

Because there are certain promises that you shall be granted if you are going to spend the necessary time reading us and it is only right that assurances are made. After all, we do not want to waste your time. We want to provoke thought and encourage conversation.

Without further ado, here are your Reader Bill of Rights

Right I: You will never have to read an article that pretends to interview a knee brace. You also will never have to read an article that pretends to interview any piece of equipment. In fact, I bet you will never have to read an article that interviews anything.

Right II: Tipsheets are not allowed. You do not need to have a page that summarizes what actual, really good writers and journalists think.  We know Jeff Gordon is lazy, but we assume you are not, and you can read Jeff Passan or Jason Whitlock or Caesar McCruddy (who?) as you wish and seek them out on your own.

Right III: Nobody is a chicken-little. Just like the guy in town who uses the term often to listeners of his radio show and readers of his blogs, we like to eat chicken. We would argue he likes to eat more of it than we do. But we still are not going to call you a “chicken-little” or anything.