About Us!

Welcome to KangarooCourtSTL.com! Our approach will be unlike any other when it comes to discussing the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, St. Louis (for now) Rams, Mizzou football and a variety of other local and national sports topics that draws our interest and calls for our special kind of ruling. (Curious as to what a Kangaroo Court is? Read HERE to find out!)

This is a place to discuss St. Louis sports while wearing objective glasses.

A place where poms poms are not allowed.

A place where popular opinion, generally formed by the lazy journalists of this town and followed by the mindless fan base that supports the local franchises, will be challenged.

A place where after you visit, you may not agree with us, but hopefully we cause you to pause and consider a differing opinion.

Here is a little bit more regarding what we are about.

~ We are NOT beat writers, so do not expect any breaking news, but we are opinionated and are not afraid to ruffle feathers, unlike every beat writer in this town.

~ We do not rant and rave, but we will provide arguments and criticism of the local franchises supported by evidence and from eyes that have played the games.

~ We are not fan boys, but we are fans.

~ We are not paid by sponsors to write what you want to read in order to get you to click more often like some other media outlets in this town (a certain FM sports radio station website comes to mind…)

We hope you enjoy our different approach to discussing the St. Louis sports landscape and visit our page frequently with an open mind. Join the conversation as you have a Bill of Rights as readers too!

Comment frequently, share often and prepare yourself to become a better St. Louis sports fan as we hope the experience provides value.