Time to Digest: NFL Divisional Rounds & Facebook Live

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Sometimes you just need a few minutes (or days) to let it all sink in before you go back for seconds. This week, we’re looking at the Divisional Round games, having a talk about Facebook Live, and addressing empty apologies.

NFL Divisional Round Weekend

You know what’s a bitch? Being a fan of a team that’s a perpetual letdown come playoff time. Blues fans can sympathize.

If you refer back to my article last week, (seriously, go read it here) you know that I had four main points to consider going into the weekend’s games.

  1. Can Seattle’s offense score? No. The Seahawks scored on their first possession after a 14 play, 89 yard drive and then managed just two field goals over the next two and a half quarters. A touchdown when down 36-13 does not constitute “scoring” since the game was over.
  2. Dion Lewis is the Patriot’s best running back. He didn’t kill it on the ground, going for 41 yards on 13 attempts. However, he had two receptions for 23 yards, a receiving TD, a rushing TD, and a 98-yard kickoff return TD. Yes, he fumbled twice, but he proved the point. I still think it was a mistake for the Pats to show their hand against that awful team, but an easy win and cover left us 2-0 going into Sunday.
  3. Can Dak win? When the opposing QB is Aaron Rodgers and you are a rookie QB, the answer is always no. Another easy cash out with the Packers winning outright.

Then comes marvelous number 4: How much will ice impact the Steelers and Chiefs game?

Turns out, after a whole bunch of cuck-ery by the NFL, the Chiefs homefield and weather advantage were completely neutered on Sunday Night. First, Goodell moving the Steelers/Chiefs from a 1:00 ET start to an 8:00 ET start was more bullshit by the Commissioner than Deflategate. To move the game from Sunday morning to Sunday night was a gutless ratings grab. According to the KC Star, the game drew a 21.9 rating and 34 share. That’s up 8% from last year’s Packers and Cardinals game. Who is taking odds on whether there’s a Sunday Night Divisional Round game next year? To boot, Goodell said they moved it to protect fans getting to the stadium. Oh, bleep off. In reality, if the Steelers were forced to play in the rain and ice, they wouldn’t have had their dynamic players be as big of a threat. If the Chiefs D can stack the box to take out Bell, then that tilts the odds for the Chiefs. We can’t have that, can we, Roger? And then to cap the game off with that holding call on the Chiefs’ two-point conversion only proved that there was an agenda. Yes, it was absolutely a hold, but no, you cannot call that penalty in that spot. Once it was announced that the Chiefs were retrying the two-point from 10 yards back, everyone knew their season was over.

If I’m trying to be fair, though, I’m an idiot. I honestly thought the Chiefs could do it. I had every factor in my favor: Andy Reid coming off of a bye, the team practicing all week after having the bye to get healthy, and Ben was dealing with a foot injury. I convinced myself that Alex Smith being safe with the ball was a good thing for the Chiefs. I thought that our Pro-Bowl tight end would show up in the biggest spot and prove why he earned that spot; that it wasn’t given to him by default with Gronk out.

Sike. Look at how timid Smith is with the ball here.  Credit to /u/bfett81 for posting this .gif on reddit. Do you see Hill streaking from the slot position to the deep middle? Do you see Smith running for his life when Harrison was 7 yards away instead of stepping up and delivering a throw to his playmaker? Alex, if Matt Moore was willing to take hits from the Pittsburgh D, you should have been willing, too.

And this was just one example of the Chiefs’ incompetence. Their best players didn’t show up at all. There wasn’t a pass rush, there wasn’t any urgency on the offensive side, and there wasn’t any life from them on the field. Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Justin Houston were all MIA. Pittsburgh did their best to give the game away and the Chiefs couldn’t capitalize.

Alex Smith is a good quarterback, but Chiefs fans now have definitive proof that he’s not winning a Super Bowl. Ever. Here’s a plan: Romo is currently 8/1 to play for the Chiefs next year. If the cost is Dee Ford, Smith, and a 1st rounder, I’m all the way in.

Stop Apologizing, Mike Tomlin

The other big story out of the weekend was Antonio Brown live streaming the locker room after the game on Facebook Live. During the stream, Brown and teammates are staring at themselves and fixing their hair while Coach Mike Tomlin can be heard in the background talking about the upcoming week, their next opponent, how the Patriots assholes and that they had an extra day of rest, and how he wanted the team to “stay low” on social media. Ironic.

In full disclosure, I think Brown streaming live from the locker room was not a big deal. If he broke either team and/or league rules, then he should be penalized. If his employer has a problem with it, then he shouldn’t do it again. Whatever. According to Stephen A. Smith, Brown gets paid $500,000 to stream on Facebook Live four times per year. I think the fine will be worth it.

The story, though, was Mike Tomlin on Monday apologizing for not being a role model with his use of profanity in calling the Patriots assholes.

Are you kidding me, Mike?

It’s not your job to be a role model when you were addressing your team in a private setting after an emotional victory. If a parent has a hard time explaining what you said, they need to be a better parent. Further, did anyone catch that Tomlin did not actually apologize for calling the Patriots assholes or for cursing? He apologized for his language being “regrettable”. That is top five for useless apologies. Bravo.

What is particularly ridiculous about this story, though, is that ultimately we’re going to talk about it until Friday, then it will get brought up Sunday morning, once or twice during the game, and then it’s over. I wish, though, that we would stop apologizing for everything all the time, especially when you don’t mean it.

If you’re ever in a spot where you’re apologizing, but not apologizing, just own it. Don’t be an asshole.


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